The story of AELS starts with her founder, Derk-Jan van Heerden, a couple of years before her official start on April 1st in 2006.
It was at that time that Derk-Jan wondered what really happened to aircraft when they are not flown anymore, and set out to find out.
The process lead him to graduate on this subject in 2005 and start developing the business plan for AELS. After a short period with KLM Engineering and Maintenance, where he managed the disassembly of a Boeing 747, he founded AELS in 2006.

Today, the AELS team is assisting aircraft owners all over the world and executing the disassembly and dismantling of aircraft for high profile clients, such as KLM, Lufthansa, TNT, EADS and Iberia. Part of the solution AELS offers is assisting in all activities required to re-introduce the parts in the aviation sector, such as logistics, marketing and sales. In the short history already 40 aircraft were processed by the sustainable and green solutions of AELS. Recycling of materials is also offered to MRO and (suppliers to) OEM companies