What can AELS do for Airlines?

For an airline that owns aircraft, the end-of-life decision can become relavant. When a new aircraft enters the fleet it might replace another older aircraft. For this aircraft a solution needs to be found. 

In AELS' view there are roughly four options.

  1. Sell the aircraft to another operator or lessor. (AELS cannot assist)
  2. Disassemble and dismantle the aircraft under your own management.
  3. Sell the aircraft to an end-of-life company.
  4. Consign the aircraft to an end-of-life company.

We recommend airlines to take an integrated approach and study all options before an aircraft makes his last operational flight. Disassembling an aircraft offers possibilities to acquire higher revenues than other options, when a fleet is modernized. The disassembly option should therefore always be part of any fleet management decision. AELS can help you making this decision, thinking about your corporate identity

Disassembling aircraft for components can add value to your daily operation in two ways. Firstly, most airliners operate more than one aircraft of the same type or model. The oldest of the total fleet can be used to maintain the still operational aircraft. The end-of-life aircraft becomes a cheap provider of spare components, increasing reliability of active aircraft. Secondly there is an additional benefit in using the components from your old aircraft. You know the history of the components and the components are already monitored by your component tracing systems. In some cases the components can even be removed with a certificate to be allowed to directly use them on your still flying aircraft. AELS can help in disassembling and dismantling your own aircraft and add additional value. AELS does this in a green and environmentally friendly manner, thus creating green value for your airline. A typical example of this is a project AELS has done for TNT Airways. For a quotation for disassembling and dismantling your aircraft we would like to point you to our RFQ page. For questions you can contact us here.

If there is no benefit for an airline to be actively involved in the disassembly and dismantling of the end-of-life aircraft AELS can also assist. AELS has extensive experience with managing components removed from aircraft. You can consign the aircraft to AELS or AELS can buy your aircraft. Both options are also possible after a list of components is removed for your own operation.

If you have an MRO company in your airline group with a third party customer base there are additional options how AELS can work with you. For more information on this we like to point you to the MRO page.