What can AELS do for Brokers?

The aviation sector is dependent of brokers. Brokers sustain relationship and build bridges that make deals happen. We make a distinction between component brokers and aircraft brokers.

Component Brokers
Many component brokers buy end-of-life aircraft to add the components of that aircraft to their stock. AELS can disassemble and dismantle your aircraft on a remote location or on our own base. This AFRA accredited process is done for a fixed price. More about this service you can find here or send us an RFQ.

AELS also has components for sale. AELS sells components from disassembled aircraft that we bought or are consigned to us. You can see our current stock here. You can buy these components from us as-is (with a repair guarantee) or serviceable. Also if you have a buyer for a component we can also pay you a finder's fee if a deal materializes with the customer you introduced.

AELS can also recycle the components you dispose from your stock. AELS will guarantee destruction and a good value for aviation grade materials. If required, AELS can provide collection containers for these components. A destruction certificate on serial number level is possible.

Please note that AELS does not consider itself to be a broker. We buy only components if we need them for a repair and we only sell what we have in stock.

Aircraft Brokers
If you are a broker of complete aircraft AELS can help you as well. We can add our disassembly and dismantling services to your deal, making the aircraft more interesting for potential customers. If you only have a buyer for the engines or some other components you can consign or sell the remaining airframe to AELS. Even if you sell our services to a customer of yours we are interested. In all cases a finder's fee is possible.