What can AELS do for Lessors?

In the aviation sector more and more aircraft are owned by lessors. When a lease reaches the end of a contract, the lessors needs to find a solution for the aircraft being returned. If this is an older aircraft the best option might not be the obvious choice.

In AELS' view there are roughly five options for a lessor.

  1. Lease out the aircraft to another operator. (AELS cannot assist)
  2. Sell the aircraft to another lessor or operator. (AELS cannot assist)
  3. Disassemble and dismantle the aircraft under your own management.
  4. Sell the aircraft to an end-of-life company.
  5. Consign the aircraft to an end-of-life company.

AELS does strongly recommend lessors to take an integrated approach and study all options before an aircraft makes his last operational flight with a lessee. Disassembling an aircraft offers possibilities to acquire higher revenues than other options. The disassembly option should therefore always be part of any lease return decision.

If you have an in-house capability of managing engines and aircraft components you can contract AELS to disassemble and dismantle your aircraft. If you only have a solution for the engines you can consign the remaining airframe to AELS or AELS can purchase the airframe. This can of course also be done with the complete aircraft including engines. For complete aircraft AELS would require a partner. AELS is not specialised in engines. We do, however, have partners standing by for these kinds of projects.

In some cases disassembling the aircraft is not the best option, because the value exceeds the components value. When no direct buyer is found but the aircraft is returned from lease it needs to be parked. You can park your aircraft near our facility at Aviolanda Woensdrecht. At this airport there is Part 145 maintenance provider that can provide parking maintenance. If you find a new operator Fokker Services is available to do all required maintenance to reactivate your aircraft. If no new owner or operator is found over time AELS can disassemble and dismantle the aircraft.

For questions, or offering us an aircraft for consignment or sale you can contact us. For a quotation for disassembly and dismantling services you can go to our RFQ page.