What can AELS do for Material Recyclers?

Aviation materials are high quality materials. Often special alloys are used to create the advanced structures and components that are used on aircraft. This will lead to different waste streams, which are interesting for recyclers. On the other side aviation structures can contain hazardous materials like depleted uranium and asbestos. These materials can complicate the recycling process. You can read more about our unique aviation material recycling services.

There are two things AELS can do for materials recyclers.

  • AELS can buy your materials.
  • You can buy our materials.

If you are a material recycler and you are confronted with aviation type material and/or structures (i.e. complete aircraft or engines) we can help you sell the material and dismantle the structures. We know where to expect hazardous materials but also high valued metals. Fill in this RFQ to see how we can help.

AELS, however, is not an end-user of materials. If you are interested to buy our aviation specific metals please contact us.