What can AELS do for MROs?

When you are an MRO there are a lot of opportunities to work together with AELS. We make a distinction between Component MROs and Airframe MROs.

Component MROs 
There are four different ways we can partner with companies that are active in component MRO business.

  1. AELS is able to help with the disassembly and dismantling of aircraft you bought.
  2. You can sell us your MRO services.
  3. AELS can sell components to your company.
  4. AELS can help with the recycling of waste streams.

AELS can disassemble and dismantle your aircraft on a remote location or on our own base. This AFRA accredited process is done for a fixed price. More about this service you can find here or send us an RFQ.

AELS sells components from disassembled aircraft that we bought or are consigned to us. You can see our current stock here. We do invite component MRO companies to see how we can partner so both of us benefit. We can sell you our components as removed so you can use those components as an exchange with your customers. Another option is that we contract you for recertifying the components that are as-removed condition at this moment. Partnering on a set of components is also possible. For example you do the incoming inspection and the components are overhauled at the moment it's sold serviceable. This will result in guaranteed business for you and a lower investment for us, a win-win.

AELS can also recycle the components that turned out to be BER after inspection. AELS will guarantee destruction and a good value for aviation grade materials. AELS can even provide collection containers for these components. A destruction certificate on serial number level is possible. 

Airframe MROs
When an older aircraft is undergoing heavy maintenance there might be some unexpected findings. By replacing a certain component this might resolve the finding. If AELS is disassembling, or has disassembled such an aircraft in the past, we might have this (hard to find) component. Contact us to check on availability. Every now and then the findings are so severe that the the complete aircraft becomes BER. AELS can assist you in the end-of-life project that follows after such a finding. We can disassemble and dismantle the complete aircraft or we can add the missing experience, not available within your own organisation, to create a succesfull project in partnership.