If an owner can not find a buyer or not a buyer willing to pay the required amount for the end-of-life aircraft AELS offers consignment services. By consigning an aircraft to AELS, AELS is linked to the result of the project. Depending on your wishes a project model will be found. In general a consignment will be structured as followed:

  • The aircraft is delivered to AELS at our base facility or we accept the aircraft on a remote airport.
  • AELS will execute and pay for the disassembly and dismantling according to all applicable regulations. 
  • AELS will manage the components removed from the aircraft. This means warehousing, sending them out for repair, overhaul or testing and selling them.
  • The revenue generated from the sales of components is first used to cover the expenses of the disassembly and dismantling. All revenue following that is split between the aircraft owner and AELS.

We are very competitive because we execute the disassembly and dismantling in house. We also bring additional value due to our optimized recycling process and by selling items for alternative re-use.

A lot of variation on the above mentioned model is possible. If an aircraft owner wants certain components returned for supporting their own fleet, the consignment can be used to lower project cost. Also models are possible where the owner has access to the components during the consignment.

When a last aircraft of a model leaves a fleet AELS can also help you sell surplus inventory.

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