We disassemble and dismantle Airbus A320 fam

Your Airbus A320 fam will be disassembled and dismantled in a quick and environmentally friendly way. This work will be done at our facility at Twente Airport, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. 

Our services are accredited by AFRA to ensure a sustainable and smooth process.

Click here to find out which A320 fam aircraft we disassembled in the past years.

André Dirksen

I love to disassemble A320 fam

Having purchased over 75 aircraft, we understand the needs of both airlines and lessors.  If you need parts from your sold aircraft, we will support you in any way we can. Our dismantling facility has a runway, which can accommodate every type of aircraft size.

Sell your aircraft hassle free

  • Receive a high price
  • Smooth handover process
  • Financing in place
  • No VAT / import duties on sale

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