Sell us your Airbus A320 fam

The AELS difference

AELS buys end-of-life aircraft which our highly skilled mechanics carefully disassemble.

The removed parts are then placed in inventory and sold. We are the only company that handles the entire supply chain for aircraft: from landing up to recycling, to the last nut and bolt.

Since we sell parts ourselves and have all costs in our own hand, we can be very competitive in our offering.

We are interested to make a bid on your A320 fam aircraft.

Click here to find out which A320 fam aircraft we bought in the past years.

Rob Neugebauer

I love to buy your A320 fam

We love to buy your aircraft

AELS is currently interested in purchasing airframes from narrow & wide body aircraft such as Airbus A320 fam, A330, A340 and Boeing 737, 747 and 777 aircraft.  

When you sell us your aircraft, you can expect a good price and smooth handover process. That means all legal, financial and payment issues will have been resolved.  We have financing in place, so you will receive your payment promptly.

Having purchased over 75 aircraft, we understand the needs of both airlines and lessors. If you need parts from your aircraft returned, we will support you in any way we can. Our dismantling facility has a runway, which can accommodate every type of aircraft size.

Sell your aircraft hassle free

  • Receive a good price
  • Smooth closing process
  • Financing in place
  • Own funding
  • Experienced organization
  • AFRA Accredited disassembly

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