Base disassembly and dismantling

Most aircraft owners do not like an aircraft being disassembled and dismantled in their backyard. Also creating a dedicated supply chain takes time and is very costly especially when this is done for a single aircraft. Therefore AELS offers the possibility to disassemble and dismantle aircraft at an environmentally sound location where the supply chain is optimized for a quick and efficient disassembly and dismantling process.

AELS currently offers services on base for the European market. These are located at Business Park Aviolanda, Woensdrecht, The Netherlands. 

In cooperation with Fokker Services, AELS can offer parking services at Aviolanda Woensdrecht for aircraft for which the owner is still hoping to find an operator for, but for which disassembly and dismantling might also be an option. Fokker Services can provide full 145 parking maintenance and if required reactivation maintenance as well.