On-site disassembly and dismantling

For some aircraft it is impossible to fly to a location where the disassembly and dismantling can take place. Therefore AELS offers the possibility to dismantle the aircraft where it is located. This can be an aircraft that:

  •   Had an accident and is beyond economic repair
  •   Is grounded due to technological shortcomings
  •   Is grounded due to bankruptcy of the operator or owner

An AELS project engineer will determine what needs to be done and will develop a project plan. AELS will try to find local partners to lower project costs and determine every other boundary condition. The total plan will be discussed with the parties involved and every license needed will be obtained. During the complete process you will be updated continuously and asked to reflect on the plan to make sure we will satisfy your needs.

AELS can lean on a long list of experience. AELS has done projects on 3 continents and in 8 different countries.