When you contract AELS for disassembly and dismantling services, we will add value to your project.

Our pricing for our AFRA accredited components removal from your aircraft and the recycling of the remaining airframe is very competitive. If you want to know more please fill in our RFQ form.

Depending on your wishes with your aircraft we can discount the basic disassembly and dismantling cost. AELS can discount because of the following reasons:

  • A discount for the remaining metal of the aircraft. AELS will take the risk of how much revenue is generated from the recycling of the remaining aluminium and other metals. 
  • A discount for alternative re-use. AELS gets a lot of requests from parties that are interested in pieces of aircraft for alternative re-use. For example a piece of a wing that someone wants to transform into a table. 
  • A discount for remaining components. AELS might see a market for re-use in the aviation sector of certain components you have no use for.