We love to disassemble aircraft

We are specialised in disassembly and dismantling of your aircraft in a quick and environmentally friendly way. Our services are accredited by AFRA to ensure a sustainable and smooth process.

We disassemble and dismantle aircraft at our base located at Twente Airport, the Netherlands in Europe.

You can expect from us the best services available in the market. Our research and development is focused on minimising environmental impact. We know where hazardous materials are being used in an aircraft. We deal with these materials, not only to prevent damage to the environment but also to protect our employees

Any aircraft will inevitably produce waste during its production, its lifetime, its components and at its end-of-life.

Some, if not all of the waste streams can still have value if recycled properly. The high-tech and complex nature of aircraft means that the waste streams will contain intricate materials and material mixes. This poses our challenge to either find the best recycling technology or market for the valuable waste streams.

We also love to buy your aircraft

AELS is interested in purchasing airframes from narrow and wide body aircraft like Airbus A320, A330, A340 and Boeing 737, 747 and 777.

When you sell us your aircraft, you can expect a high price and smooth handover process. That means all legal, financial and payment issues will have been resolved.  We have financing in place, so you will receive your payment promptly.  Plus, there is no import or value added tax on this transaction.


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