Corporate Identity

Your company's values are shown in many ways. In the way you operate your business, the way you behave towards your environment and the way your personnel behaves. The way your customers perceive your company, your corporate identity, highly depends on these values.

It took you many years to form your values and to build your identity. A wrong end-of-life strategy can damage this identity, a bigger negative effect than only less revenue for the specific aircraft. For example:

  • What is the effect on your corporate identity of a parked aircraft with your colours?
  • What is the effect of bad maintenance on your old aircraft flying for another operator?
  • Or even worse, what is the effect of bad disposal of an aircraft no longer in your possession but still with your company identity.

AELS believes that a good end-of-life strategy will generate positive "green" publicity, not only prevents bad publicity. Disassembling an old aircraft will show that you are modernising your fleet. Therefore this will generate a unique opportunity to generate special attention for your new aircraft. Parts of this old aircraft can, for example, be given to high valued customers as a gift with a document explaining the improved services on the new aircraft.

Disassembling old aircraft is also a good sign that you and your company take global warming serious. You do not only use the newest aircraft with the lowest C02 emission. You also make sure that the problem maker, the old aircraft, is not creating any C02 on another location in the world.

In short, many aircraft owners want to reflect a sustainable and green identity. Disassembling an aircraft in cooperation with AELS is a chance to spread this message.