Aircraft Technology Engineering and Maintenance (ATE&M), one of the leading magazines on aircraft MRO, published an article on aircraft dismantling and recycling in the April-May issue. AELS contributed to this article.

Today a paper titled: Extended Producer Responsibility in the Aviation Sector was submitted for the NECTAR conference. The conference is the major international event of NECTAR (Network on European Communication and Transportation Activities Research) held in Portugal on May 9-12, 2007.

AELS has become a certified apprenticeship employer. AELS received this certification after achieving a postive result of an audit by Kenteq. The audit by this Dutch organization is focused on capabilities, knowledge, manpower and structure of the company.

AELS is the first aircraft dismantling company that is offering services on two continents. From today, AELS offers Base Dismantling services for the North-American market at Gander International Airport(CYQX) Newfoundland, Canada.

Flugrevue is publishing an article on aircraft dismantling and recycling in the March issue. AELS was interviewed on this subject to gather information.