AELS “taking off” at Twente Airport

!!KLM 747 arrives 12:25 on Thursday January 25th!!

AELS will welcome 3 aircraft at Twente Airport in January for disassembly, one Boeing 747 and two Airbus A340s. Air France will fly two A340-300s, one on the 19th and the other on the 22nd to AELS. The former KLM aircraft PH-BFF will make its last flight on the 25th of January. The flight of the Boeing 747-400 will be executed by KLM on behalf AELS, the new owner of the airframe. All three aircraft will be disassembled by AELS according to the highest environmental standards. Weather conditions might cause the flight to be delayed or rescheduled.

If you are interested in the arrival of the aircraft, we suggest you keep an eye on Facebook or Twitter for updates. There are many obstacles that could delay these flghts to AELS as these flights are one off operational flights and not scheduled flights. Weather is a typicall concern but also things like slot and pilot availability. Scheduled revenue passenger/cargo flights will always get priority for an airline.

The arrival of the aircraft can be seen from the spotter’s hill next to the airfield. Please only make use of the designated areas, there is a nature reserve around the airport that needs to be protected. It’s not possible to be on the airport when the aircraft arrives, also not for the media. Visiting the aircraft after arrival and during the disassembly is also not possible. We ask everybody to send their best picture of the arrival to The best picture of each aircraft we will reward again with a cut out aircraft window.

January 19th

Model: Airbus A340-300
Registration: F-GLZI
MSN: 84
First Flight: 12-07-1995
Age: 22 years, 6 months
Flight number: AF370V
ETD (ETOT) CDG/LFPG 12:20Z (13:20 local)
ETA ENS/EHTW 13:30Z (14:30 local)

January 22nd

Model: Airbus A340-300
Registration: F-GLZR
MSN: 307
First Flight: 19-10-1999
Age: 18 years, 3 months
Flight number: AF372V
ETD (ETOT) CDG/LFPG 12:00Z (13.00 local)
ETA ENS/EHTW 13:00Z (14:00 local)

January 25th

Model: Boeing 747-400
Registration: PH-BFF
MSN: 24202
First Flight: 30-01-1990
Age: 28 years
Flight number: KL9879
ATC Call sign: KLM747
Aircraft Name: Freetown
ETD (EOBT) SPL/EHAM 10:30Z (11:30 local)
ETA EHTW 11.25Z (12:25 local)