First Alternative Re-use Sale

Want to buy some aviation memorabilia, this is your chance!

Tomorrow exactly a year ago the first aircraft landed at Twente Airport for AELS. It was a big day for us, but it was also a special day for the Netherlands, King’s Day. Every 27th of April we celebrate the birthday of our King with a lot of events. Google it and be amazed about the amount of orange people in the streets. A typical thing during this special day is a so-called “vrijmarkt”. A moment all Dutchies go out and try to sell the stuff they don’t need but other people can still use.

We are now organising our own “vrijmarkt”, our first alternative re-use sale. Download the brochure and see what we have available. As this is the first time, the brochure is only in Dutch. If we see a lot of foreign interest, next time we might make one in English.

Did you miss this oppurtunity? Would you like to know when the next opportunity is?


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