Help wanted! Looking for creative minds

AELS will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next year. We are planning all kinds of activities to celebrate this but we want to start by giving ourselves a cool gift. AELS has kept 2 window frames from our first bought Boeing 737 aircraft and from our first bought Airbus A320 aircraft. We would like these 4 windows to reflect our 4 core values. They are: being the best, outside-the-box, sustainable and smile.

We are asking everybody to come up with ideas on how we can do this. The frames can be painted, stickers can be put on them or the shape can be changed. Pictures can be put behind the windows and things can be added to the frames by gluing, nailing, screwing, etcetera. All options are open. Our idea is to hang them on the wall next to each other as a daily reminder of our core values. But even that can change. Maybe we should hang them on the ceiling or pile them together?

The A320 windows are roughly 50 x 115 cm and the 737 window frames are roughly 40 x 105 cm. Pictures can be seen here as well. If you need any specific information or pictures of specific parts let us know. You can also approach us with any other question you might have.

Do you have a brilliant idea? Send your ideas, sketches, thoughts to We are collecting ideas for the next few weeks and the AELS team will decide on the winning design during the AELS Christmas reception. The best idea will win an original classic flyer bag made by Bag-to-Life from old life vests. The first 2 runner ups will receive an I-pad cover also made by Bag-to-Life.

The winning idea also needs to be created. We will contract someone to transform the winning idea into reality. If you have the winning idea and you are also skillful enough to shape the frames into your own idea we will contract you to execute it. So if you are an artist let us know your thoughts and you can also win a project.