First purchased A320

AELS purchased their first A320 from GOAL, German Operating Aircraft Leasing GmbH & Co. KG (GOAL), together with engine partner AeroDirect. The aircraft was delivered on December 11th 2013 and was disassembled and dismantled at AELS’s facility at Woensdrecht airport.

The Airbus A320-211 (MSN 258) had its first flight in 1991 and was first operated by Sudan Airways under Airbus ownership. After four years of operation the aircraft was transferred to Croatia Airlines with registration 9A-CTF and after 22 years the aircraft had a happy ending as it has been sold to AELS.

Quote by GOAL: “We found in AELS a very constructive and reliable partner. The transaction of an A320 of that vintage is sometimes challenging but in mutual partnership all issues were resolved quickly and to everybody’s satisfaction.”

After landing at Woensdrecht Airport the aircraft was processed at AELS’s facility where the engines were removed first for AeroDirect.
All useful parts were removed.
The cockpit was cut off.
The fire department performed a fire drill on the remaining fuselage.
The rest of the airframe was dismantled.
The material was processed at Van Dalen Recycling.