Jetstream 31 disassembly and re-assembly

In 2009/2010 AELS executed a project for the University of Glamorgan. In this project AELS disassembled, transported and re-assembled a former Tulip Air Jetstream 31 from Eindhoven airport to Pontypridd in South Wales. This aircraft with serial number 690 was operated last under registration PH-KJG.

In November 2009 AELS started with the disassembly of the aircraft at the Eindhoven airport. This was the start of this special project in which the aircraft had to be disassembled in such a way that it could be transported by road and re-assembled again in the new aircraft maintenance centre of the University in South Wales.
The extra challenge was to disassemble the aircraft that after re-assembly all functions would work again.
After a final functionality check on the apron the aircraft was towed inside the Rainbow hangar on the November 16 for the work to commence.
Soon it became clear that the harsh Dutch weather in which the aircraft had been standing unprotected for many years had a destructive effect on the larger part of the aircraft's screws, nuts and bolts. These were found heavily corroded which did not ease the disassembly process which needed to be done without damaging the aircraft. Despite all the limitations the devoted team managed to disassemble the aircraft in 3 weeks.
December 7th was the big day, the aircraft was lifted and placed on a truck for transportation to South Wales by road after which the wings were loaded on a separate truck.
In April 2010, after several months of being parked next to the new aircraft maintenance centre the building was finally ready for the aircraft to be installed inside. The aircraft was carefully manoeuvred inside in a few hours after which the re-assembly started.
The re-assembly of the aircraft was completed in 3 weeks. After final cleaning and testing of the systems the work was finalized. Now she stands proud and shiny as she once looked during her operational flying days, fulfilling her new role as training aircraft for aircraft maintenance students with all systems working.