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Nathalie Deen

Meet Nathalie. She is our Human Resource Management (HRM) expert. Nathalie is busy with recruiting new colleagues, developing and improving our current HR processes, promoting the AELS core values and all other HR tasks such as internships. Nathalie thinks it is important that employees continue to develop, just like the company. She creates a place where colleagues feel free to share their problems and feedback.

On Saturdays, when Nathalie is not working, she likes to cheer on her 3 children at  field hockey and soccer. Nathalie also likes to play tennis. On weekends you can find Nathalie and her family in a nice restaurant or with her friends at a terrace. Who does not love food and drinks, right?!

Did you know that Nathalie is a freelancer? This means that she is not only working for AELS but also for other customers. She loves to give DISC and communication training for companies.


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