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The AELS difference

AELS buys end-of-life aircraft, which our highly skilled engineers carefully disassemble. The removed parts are then placed in inventory and sold.  We are the only company that handles the entire supply chain for aircraft disassembly and dismantling.  Since we sell parts from our own aircraft, we can be very competitive on price.

  • We buy end-of-life aircraft
  • We disassemble at our own facility
  • We sell aircraft parts
ASA accredited
Disassembly and dismantling
We love to buy aircraft

Sell us your aircraft

Everything that we do at AELS starts with purchasing aircraft. All Airbus and Boeing models are interesting for us. AELS focus is on airframes. Because the runway near the disassembly facility is long enough, AELS can accommodate all aircraft types.

Having purchased over 25 aircraft, we understand the market.

Sell your aircraft hassle free

    • Receive a good price.
    • Smooth closing process.
    • Financing in place.
    • Experience deal making team.

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    About AELS
    • Hassle free experience.
    • More than 75 aircraft recycled of which 25 bought.
    • Over 10,000 parts in stock.
    Being the Best

    You will get the best service, hassle free

    Challenge us if you are not satisfied.

    Outside the box

    We dare to be different to increase aircraft value

    You will get the best parts at the best rates

    You will get good value for your aircraft


    We recycle aircraft with the best available techniques

    We innovate to minimise the environmental impact


    You will have a smile on your face working with us 


    You buy our parts in a fast and prompt way

    You can expect our parts the next day

    We love aircraft


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