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Although many global airlines are phasing out the Airbus A340, there is a high demand for certain parts.  This is because these parts can also be used in the Airbus A330.
Based on our recent experience and our the projects we have done in the past we can relieve you of the burden of finding the right A340 parts:

  • APU
  • Nacelles
  • Avionics
  • Escape slides
  • Landing gears
  • Flight Controls
  • Wheels & Brakes
  • and many more rotables

Over the past years we dismantled the following Airbus A340 aircraft:

MSN  169        A340-300    Swiss International Airlines (HB-JMK)

MSN   84        A340-300    Air France (F-GLZI)

MSN 307        A340-300    Air France (F-GLZR)

Looking for A340 parts? Take a look at our current A340 stock. 

Mart ter Stal

Mart ter Stal

I love to sell A340 parts

  • We love to sell aircraft parts

Expect more with AELS
When you buy our components, you can expect a high service and smooth handover process. That means that we have quick response time, great tracebility, prompt deliveries and aftersales. We are always looking for a way to help you with good deals. Spare parts or packages? Everything is possible.
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  • Over 10,000 parts in stock
  • Full trace – complete paperwork
  • Warranty on every part
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More parts, fast service, no hassle

AELS removes more aircraft parts than our competitors, so there’s a better chance you will find exactly what you are looking for.  We sell both serviceable parts and parts in “as removed” condition. 

The serviceable parts are sent to our on-site repair shop for repair, overhaul and testing. You can buy these parts with a 6-12-month warranty, depending on the check performed.

You can also buy parts in an “as removed” condition and send them to a repair shop yourself.  We guarantee that these parts are repairable. If not, we will credit the full amount.  Whether you buy serviceable or “as removed” parts, we settle all warranty claims the same day.  This is another way we make your life easier. 

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  • Same day shipping
  • Warranty on all parts
  • Fresh shop tag
  • Full trace PPW

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