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In the process of disassembly we are removing all avionic systems from our aircraft. Weather radars, Flight Displays, Display Electronic Units (DEU), IRU and many more. 

We have in average more than 200 avionic parts in stock. Condition is often Serviceable, Overhauled and Repaired. 

Our avionics is tested and certified by major shops, such as: KLM, Air France, AAR, Lufthansa Technik, etc. 

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We love to sell aircraft avionics

  • We love to sell aircraft avionics

In the process of disassembly we are also removing the avionics from the avionics bay. 

The avionics bay is an 8 inch long Blue Tube with a 4-inch coupler tube that houses all of the avionics, switches, batteries, trackers, and necessary wiring. The avionics, batteries, trackers, and wiring are secured to two wooden sleds that run along threaded rods that run through the avionics bay.

Source: Northeastern

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